Ka Hikitia

At Springlands School we offer those children, who show appropriate behaviour and their work is completed, a wide range of exciting activities every Friday afternoon, from 1.30 – 2.30 pm. This is called Ka Hikitia. The activities range from mountain biking, craft work, cooking, sport opportunities and many more fun and exciting activities.

Our Ka Hikitia programme develops school-wide consistency in the delivery of building positive relationships and intelligent behaviours.

The programme focuses on one aspect of Springlands School vision, a term, building a positive school culture – Hauora through the weekly/daily teaching of Kahikitia themes.

The programme provides a structure for effective teaching, addressing the school – focus on high expectations of attitudes and behaviours, known as A1.

Through pro-active value teaching children are encouraged to set and strive to achieve A1 Quality goals and earn the right to attend a Ka Hikitia.

The  �whanau� groupings or Tuakana Teina approach provides opportunities for children and teachers to develop strengths, interests and passions while supporting others from a variety of age groups.

Importantly,  Ka Hikita also provides behaviour recovery opportunities for those children who do not earn  the right to attend or lose the right to attend Ka hikitia through poor behaviour choices.  Students who do not earn the right to attend Ka Hikitia must complete their learning requirements while other students are involved in a range of FUN learning opportunities.

Students who have lost the right to attend Ka Hikitia attend a teaching session, where agreed goals are established to improve their behaviour choices in the future.

Kahikita gives students the opportunity to make choices, manage their own learning while taking responsibility for their behaviour. It is closely linked to our behaviour policy and school respects.