About Us

Our vision is at the heart of everything we do. It is an integral part of our lives which drives our students and teachers to be the best that they can be. At Springlands, we believe in Ma Te Mahi Ka Ora… from hard work, comes success. Below, we have proudly outlined the key aspects of our vision, our culture and beliefs.

OUR PLACE: Tō tātou tūranga

We promote a partnership with parents, nurturing a safe and caring place where children are engaged learners immersed in motivating and challenging programs that are fun and enjoyable. We want the ‘mauri’ of Springlands School to reflect the unique qualities of the school; as an Enviro School. We have high expectations and a connected team focus on growing learners and leaders.

OUR FUTURE: Tō tātou wa mua

We want our people to have the competencies and a growth mind set that will help them become thoughtful, productive, positive citizens in an ever changing world leveraging latest technologies to deliver future focused learning.


OUR PEOPLE: Ō  tātou tāngata


We want our people to be honest and resilient, operating in partnership with the community. We want a culture where positive relationships are valued and acknowledged, a team approach to education.


MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Tō tātou painga


We want our children to challenge themselves as learners to reach their full potential and make a difference to their own lives, the lives of others; both locally and globally.